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Privacy Policy


All information gathered through your order is kept strictly confidential and will never be distributed, loaned, provided, sold, or anything else to any company or individual. In addition, we do not keep mailing lists or any databases of customers.

Each purchase is a one-time final transaction. You are not ever billed again or signed up for any newsletters or memberships. We will never contact you again, unless you need assistance or request to receive the optional one-time customer experience survey email.

The information you provide will be used only to make sure that your order is processed correctly and for validation of credit card charges. Your credit card company requires that you provide actual billing name and address information for the use of your card in an online purchase. We do nothing with the information and don't need it, but it is their requirement and you must provide accurate information.

If you are not the owner of the credit card you use to make your purchase, please make sure that you have the card holders permission to make the purchase. Any purchases that are placed fraudulently will be investigated and pursued legally. You must have the permission of the card holder to make a purchase. In addition, minors should always seek the permission and assistance of a parent or guardian prior to using this site. Please alert them to the fact that they will see a billing from PinkMonkey on their card. If a dispute is initiated because you have not alerted the holder about the identity of the charge, you will be held responsible for all resulting chargeback fees.

Your credit card information is automatically deleted within 30 days of your purchase. After that period, no credit card information is retained by either Yahoo! or PinkMonkey for your protection.

Security and Encryption

This store uses the Yahoo! Store system's secure 128-bit encryption during the checkout process.

Please note that you while you are simply browsing the store, there is no need for security. It is only during the checkout process where you will see the little lock icon in the corner of your browser, indicating the page is secure. All information you enter during the checkout process is fully encrypted and secure.

ecommerce provided by Yahoo! Small Business

While our store system has functioned perfectly for the last 10+ years without any security issues, we do understand that some may be uncomfortable making a purchase over the Internet or may be intimidated or leery of doing so for the first time. Please remember that your credit card always protects you fully against any fraudulent transactions (if one were to ever occur). We've operated the store for over a decade and we're not going anywhere. If you have a question or concern just email us at:

In reality, it is actually much safer to purchase online than presenting your card in a regular store or restaurant for example, but if you do have concerns that cannot be reconciled, please don't make a purchase. We currently do not accept phone orders. This website is the only way to purchase our products, as the products are downloadable files.

If you have any questions about your order, please email us at Any questions you have will be answered as fast as we can!